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Authentic Balinese Massage

Our range of massage treatments includes our own interpretation of the traditional Balinese Massage, with the unique flowing style that is so special about this treatment.

Guaranteed to assist in reviving your energy. It can be tailored to meet individual preference of strong to gentle pressure. We use locally blended oils which are wonderful for all skin types.

Duration: 60/90 minutes  |  USD 20/25

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to balinese but applies deeper pressure to relieve chronic muscle tension. The treatment focuses on the deepest layers of muscle, tendons and fascia. Deep tissue massage is particularly beneficial for those with persistent muscle pain, those involved in heavy physical activity and client who have suffered physical injury.

Duration: 60/90 minutes  |  USD 20/25

Traditional Thai Massage

Bahari is also proud to be able to offer Traditional Thai Massage. This is performed on an authentic mat and the customer is provided with soft and loose Thai style massage clothing. Treatment of 90 minutes is recommended to obtain maximum benefit for the stretching and other Yoga type elements which are included in this style.

Duration: 60/90 minutes  |  USD 20/25

Shiatsu Massage

Bahari therapist are also trained in Shiatsu massage techniques, the traditional Japanese style massage based on pressure points around the meridians. This can be adapted to address particular concerns that customer may have.

Duration: 60/90 minutes  |  USD 20/25

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology focuses primarily on the feet to activate the body’s natural healing powers. Reflex areas in the hands and feet relate to organs, glands,and systems of the body. This is a safe , natural therapy which can be applied regularly to help maintain health and well-being.

Reflexology helps relieve back and neck pain , digestive problems, headaches and migrain. Insomnia and stress related condition.

Duration: 45/60 minutes  |  USD 10/15

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing massage which combines massage with the use of heat stones. Gentle and relaxing,this massage relieves tired muscles and leave you wonderfully restored.

Duration: 90 minutes  |  USD 30

Herbal Compress Massage

Discover how the healing power of medicinal herbs can alleviate sore muscles and joints, flu, and cold symptoms. The pain of rheumatism and arthritis at the same time.

A warm herbal oil massage melts a way stored tension. Then a heated cotton cloth compress filled with therapeutic herbs is gently pressed and rolled over your entire body to deepen the holistic benefit.

Duration: 90 minutes  |  USD 30

Head & Shoulder

For those who lead busy life, this beautiful treatment is perfect for you. Head and shoulder massage targets all the places which hold the most tension- the head, neck and shoulders. A truly relaxing experience for those who need a break.

Duration: 60 minutes  |  USD 15

Royal Javanese Lulur

An age old beauty secret inspired by Javanese royalty, a variety of finely blended spices and herbs gently remove dead cells and smooth skin to a golden glow.( floral foot bath- Balinese massage- lulur scrubs- body polish- flower bath and ginger tea- shower).

Duration: 120 minutes  |  USD 40

Balinese Boreh

Treat your skin to an ancient Balinese body mask combining a mineral rich white kaolin clay base with spice and bark to draw out the impurities and nourish cells back to health ( floral foot bath – Balinese massage- boreh mask – herbal bath and ginger tea- shower).

Duration: 120 minutes  |  USD 40

Additional Body Scrubs

Coffee, aroma salt, sweet salty.

Duration: 50 minutes  |  USD 20

Express facial

Duration: 50 minutes  |  USD 20

Hair treatment

Duration: 60 minutes  |  USD 20

Shampoo hair wash

Duration: 30 minutes  |  USD 8

Face massage

Duration: 30 minutes  |  USD 8

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